So what does these articles and graphs from google trends show us? What is the importance?



What is first revealed by these graphs is that whe a natural disaster occurs its google trend spikes. What then can be extrapolated from graph #3 is that it confirms article #3 thesis that there has been an increase of earthquakes in Oklhoma, becuase earthquake's search frequency increases in correlation with the increase of frweacking in Oklahoma,

The first 2 graphs shows that as Climate Change continues we will face more and more natural disaters. Especially in 2017-2018 we we see 3 spikes for the search temr hurrican in graph one this is caused by there being 3 series of massive hurricanes that have it the US in nthe past year and the half. And as article 1 says we are satrting to what used to be once a century hurricanes once a year.

If you look closely at graph#2 Californians get particulary intrested with fire during fie season. Another trend that can be noticed is that that as these spike increase in magnitude and duration this reflects the lengthening fire season in California. This is despite Calfiornia's efforts to combat climate change. That means what California has done has not been enough and that climate change effects everyone even if you do your part, soeveryone has to do their part to combat climate change

My Conclusion is that if we don't take care of the enviroment then we will continue to face more and more natura disasters 

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